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Home of La Bassine - the world's best selling birth pool. We now offer you two sizes of birthing pool:
Our best selling La Bassine Original and our brand new La Bassine Maxi

As manufacturers of La Bassine birth pools, we are committed to fast, friendly and efficient customer service. We offer only the highest quality products – at the best possible prices, giving our customers an incredible value.

Our pools are used and recommended by hospitals, midwives and doulas. We combine style and comfort, with optimum practicality.

All La Bassine birth pools are inflated at our factory and left for a minimum of 48 hours, to ensure reliability.

We use eco-friendly heavy duty 0.45mm material for our regular pool and 0.60mm for our professional pool.  There are no other birth pools on the market which use stronger materials than ours.

Every  birth pool comes with a heat-retaining pool cover- at no extra cost!

La Bassine Original
Regular or Professional Grade

Home Birth Pool by La Bassine, UK

We are proud, that our original La Bassine birth pool, designed by a mum, more than 10 years ago, has sold tens of thousands and is the best selling birthing pool in the world.

It is manufactured from extra heavy duty material.  0.45mm for our regular pool and 0.60 for our professional birth pool.  OUR MATERIALS ARE THE STRONGEST YOU CAN BUY.

They contain no phthalates, lead, cadmium or any other harmful products.

The side of our pool is transparent, allowing clear visibility for midwives.

There are two perfectly placed handles on the inside, to grab onto when you push, or to assist in position changes.

A deep, inflated floor ensures maximum comfort, whether sitting or kneeling.

Due to the unique I beam construction, the walls of the pool are very rigid, which also helps to keep the pool’s shape in the event of a puncture, thus preventing water from leaking on to the floor.

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New - Now Available

La Bassine Maxi Regular
La Bassine Maxi Professional

Home Birth Pool

Introducing our brand new range of La Bassine MAXI birthing pools; designed for women who prefer the added space of a larger pool.

After consulting with our midwives and international distributors, our maxi pool has been manufactured with user comfort and convenience at the forefront of design.

There are two grab handles at the top, for ease of access into the pool. On the inside, there are four more handles, perfectly placed for added comfort - just where you need them.

There are absolutely no unnecessary built in obstacles inside the pool. Our Maxi pool has been designed to help you enjoy a safe and comfortable birth. As with our La Bassine original birth pool, it has transparent sides, allowing clear visibility.

The Maxi is 50% larger than our La Bassine Original birthing pool, and can comfortably accommodate two people

Made in Water - now offering you a choice between our world renowned original La Bassine birth pool and our brand new La Bassine MAXI birthing pool.

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  • La Bassine Birth Pool sides and bottom were nice and soft but firm and it was plenty big enough for me to move about freely but it wasn't a gigantic pool taking up all the space in my living room either.

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  • Midwife loaned us the LaBassine birth pool. It was comfy, roomy and kept its heat very well. Filled it up around 10am and when I gave birth in water at 1pm, water was still nice and warm.

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  • Thank you for prompt delivery. You have a very satisfied customer in Denmark and we shall spread the word.

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    Finn from Denmark

  • Perfect pool for home birth.. La Bassine birth pool is far sturdier than its competitors and there was no leaking or slopping out the sides. The midwives were really impressed with its design. Really hope I get to use it again during the birth of number 3!

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  • A must for your home birth.  La Bassine pool was brilliant for my home birth and there’s no way I could have managed without it. The pool inflates in a matter of minutes.  The bottom of the pool inflates too. I was so comfortable.

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